Nasce come Fork di Warsow cercando forse di sopperire alla lentezza degli aggiornamenti e alla community che ormai puo’ contarsi sulle dita di una mano.

Sapete bene che ho sempre considerato Warsow il vero erede di Quake 🙂 in termini di velocità, skill e originalità, e quindi sono più che contento che anche se tramite un fork si porti avanti quel progetto.

Probabilmente come tutti gli FPS arena usciti negli ultimi anni morirà prima di vedere veramente la luce, ed è uno di quei motivi per il quale diventa sempre più difficile aggiungere news interessanti sul nostro sito.

Di seguito le varie modalità di gioco, le riporto in inglese 🙂 in italiano non si possono sentire :P.

  • 1. Team Deathmatch: Team-vs-team game mode. The goal of a team deathmatch game is to frag as many players of the opposing team as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  • 2. Clan Arena: Team game mode where you aim to frag the entire other team before your team is completely eliminated. Clan Arena has no item pickups, you spawn with all weapons.
  • 3. Free for All: The goal of a FFA game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached. Unlike in Deathmatch, you spawn with weapons and ammunition.
  • 4. Headhunt: Game mode where one player is tagged and all other players attempt to frag the tagged player. Tagged player gets score for each second he/she stays alive. The person who frags the tagged player, becomes tagged.
  • 5. Duel Arena: Frag the most opponents in 1-on-1 combats. Your arsenal is fully replenished before each round. The winner of the round is challenged by the next player in the queue.
  • 6. Deathmatch: The goal of a Deathmatch game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  • 7. Duel: Duel is a 1vs1 game mode. The standard match lasts 10 minutes, if there’s a draw there will be added 120 seconds overtime. The player who frags their opponent the most wins the map.
  • 8. Race: Players try to complete a course to achieve the fastest time possible through highly technical maps by means of bunny hopping, strafe jumping, circle jumps, air control, weapon combos, and tricks.
  • 9. Bomb and Defuse: There are two teams that must defend or attack a bombsite. To win a round, a team can win by fragging all of the opposition, defusing the bomb, or ensuring it explodes.
  • 10. Capture the Flag: There are two teams that must defend or capture their opponents flag within the set time limit.
  • 11. Capture the Flag: Tactics Class based version of Capture the Flag, similar to Team Fortress. Each player can be a Grunt, Medic, Runner, or Engineer.

Potete scaricare il gioco tramite Steam.

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