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A breve distanza dalla 1.1.4 e dall’implementazione della nuova modalità Squad Survival Toxikk viene aggiornato alla 1.1.5.
Numerosi sono i Fix implemetati alla nuova modalità.

  • Some stats for the rounds (e.g. best player per category) were falsely greyed out. Fixed.
  • Player list in the HUD didn’t show more than 10 players. Fixed.
  • HP in the player list sometimes weren’t correctly updated if a player died instantly. Fixed.
  • Bots are no longer being pushed out of matches if a human player joins late, but will leave the next round.
  • Spectators got a ROUND DAMAGE REWARD +0 message at the end of each round. This was fixed.
  • The InstaGib mutator wasn’t working for SquadSurvival (players spawned without any weapons). This was fixed.
  • No more Raven initial load animation in SquadSurvival.
  • Players sometimes got a blurry spectator screen if joined during an active round. This was fixed.
  • “Last survivor of your team” sometimes played if other players left during pre-match/warm-up. This was fixed.
  • OVERTIME message got occasionally played between rounds. This was fixed.
  • Enemy HUD location beacons (displayed during match overtime) are now hidden if the enemy is in stealth mode.

Interessante anche l’incremento del Rocket e Nade Jump del 33%

Purtroppo online si contano più o meno 120 player nei week-end, praticamente un gioco morto.

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