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Quake Champions – Major Update 5.10.17

Quake riceve l’aggiornamento alla 5.10.17, in pentola ci sono tantissimi fix e migliroamenti che trovate qui nella lista completa.

Degni di nota a parer mio sono:

  • Small Health and Light Armor now grant a consistent value of +25 HP/AP respectively.
  • Numerous issues resulting in Rocket Launcher miss hits resolved.
    • Rocket Launcher client-side hit prediction and server-side validation have been improved.
    • Fixed issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles could fly sideways, such that the projectile would be sidewise, not the trajectory.
  • Outgoing client traffic optimization improved.
  • Hero Lighting updated to colorize teammates and enemies at a closer range.
  • Anarki – Updated animations to reduce lean while strafing.
  • Nail Gun – Increased rate of fire, resulting in 100 to 133 DPS.

🙂 Bello tornare dalle ferie e trovare questi aggiornamenti.

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