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    Summer is slowly coming to an end, but TOXIKK patches never will. Build 1.1.8 is here, sporting plenty of community inspired changes and features. Let’s make hardcore Arena FPS great again…

    01 – FEATURE – Instant Global Ban List

    We are introducing a live global ban list that bans reported hackers right after they’ve been convicted on all official and private servers.

    How to report a hacker:
    Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Discord server at – Please provide evidence (e.g. video captures recorded in first person view).

    Please allow a few days, before we ban a hacker, so we can take our time to evaluate your evidence.

    If admins want to allow banned players on their servers, thy can disable the download of the global ban list with the “?UseGlobalBanlist=false” launch parameter

    02 – FEATURE – New Mutators

    • New experimantal QUICK VOTING mutator which allows you to call 7 different vote polls. If the mutator is enabled just enter in the console: “callvote < AddTime, EndTimer, EndMatch, Kick <ID>, KillBots, AddBots, Shuffle >
    • SPAWN PROTECTION TIME mutator allows you to adjust the time you’re invulnerable after a spawn.

    03 – FIXES & CHANGES – Mutator improvements

    • Some official mutators do not save SC anymore, as they have too much of an impact on the gameplay. The following mutators are not saving SC any more: ConfirmCam, FastForward, Slomo, InstaGib, NoHoverbike, NoMagic, NoobAid, OneGun, SpeedShot
    • Modders can now enable/disable MXP and SkillClass saving (ranking) for their own mutators. To enable the ranking for modded servers the mutator-mod package needs to be whitelisted by Reakktor first.
    • If Mutators are whitelisted they potentially will show up in quickmatch.
      Free Players can join via quickmatch servers with whitelisted server-side-only mutators and Full Players can additionly join all whitelisted modded servers which might cause a download.
    • Mutator list occasionally disappeared in the score board. This was fixed.

    04 – FIXES & CHANGES – Quick Join

    The NO MUTATORS checkbox is now defaultwise disabled since people can reject servers

    The server preview messagebox now shows…

    • if a server is an official server (hostet by Reakktor) or a private community server
    • if a server is “unmodded”, “server modded” or “client modded”. the last will trigger a download and is not available for free players
    • displays the list of active mutators

    05 – FEATURE – Kill Confirm Sounds

    Experimental implementation: You can now assign a sound that confirms your kills. Edit UDKWeaponHitIndicator.ini and pick a sound from the list.

    06 – FIX – Squad Survival

    If bots are added during an active round in an offline match, they spawned immediately instead of waiting until round.

    07 – FIX – Team Auto Balancing

    If you joined a running team game and haven’t completed a match before, you were occasionally thrown on the wrong team. This should no longer happen.

    08 – FIX – Non-Alpha-Numeric Characters Bug

    if you typed a non-alpha-numeric character in a slider edit field, the whole UI vanished. This was fixed.

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