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    Build 1.1.5 brings a bunch of features, fixes and changes. Here’s what we did in detail:

    • Some stats for the rounds (e.g. best player per category) were falsely greyed out. Fixed.
    • Player list in the HUD didn’t show more than 10 players. Fixed.
    • HP in the player list sometimes weren’t correctly updated if a player died instantly. Fixed.
    • Bots are no longer being pushed out of matches if a human player joins late, but will leave the next round.
    • Spectators got a ROUND DAMAGE REWARD +0 message at the end of each round. This was fixed.
    • The InstaGib mutator wasn’t working for SquadSurvival (players spawned without any weapons). This was fixed.
    • No more Raven initial load animation in SquadSurvival.
    • Players sometimes got a blurry spectator screen if joined during an active round. This was fixed.
    • “Last survivor of your team” sometimes played if other players left during pre-match/warm-up. This was fixed.
    • OVERTIME message got occasionally played between rounds. This was fixed.
    • Enemy HUD location beacons (displayed during match overtime) are now hidden if the enemy is in stealth mode.


    • After pre-match lobby, auto balanced players aren’t able to switch teams until another player spawned
    • Auto balance now uses the team combinations which lets players switch teams
    • Late joining players are now automatically put on the team with less SC (if team sizes already equal)


    • Now about 33% higher (Hint: jump right before you shoot the rocket on the ground)
    • Jumps from tossed/lobbed grenades were pushing you down instead of up. This was fixed.


    FIX – HUD armor display was corrupted since the last patch (always showed “0”). This was fixed.

    FIX – The “next view LMB” key bind info of the “between rounds view” was removed.

    CHANGE – HP at spawn was reduced from 125 to 120 (except for Squad Survival). It now takes effectively one Violator hit less to kill the player.

    FIX – Team hits are not counted as “successful hits” in terms of your hitratio anymore

    CHANGE – If Retaliation damage is enabled (e.g. in SS) the team damage instigator will receive a message in the logs so he can see why he got damage

    FIX – If admins cofigured voting lists with too many different options, the list showed up empty. This was fixed.

    FIX – Some players reported crashes on Windows 10 systems. This should no longer happen.

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    Toxikk – Detroit Build 1.1.4 brings lots of new stuff like Squad Survival, a team-based game mode, plus lots of new features and improvements. Here’s what we did in detail:


    SQUAD SURVIVAL is the star of this update. In case you didn’t already read the rules of this new game mode in one of our previous announcements, here’s a quick outline:

    Two opposing squads get cut off from their battalions and face each other fully armed, but without the chance to call reinforcements (no respawns, no one can join a running round) or fresh ammo (no pick-ups whatsoever in the maps).

    Each squad member has all weapons right from the spawn, fully loaded, but only one life to lose.

    The surviving squad wins.

    The challenge is to play strategically with a focus on good team-play and to keep an eye on your resources, as you can’t restock anything.


    01 – FEATURE: Mutator improvements

    • The game’s speed of the FastForward and the slug mode mutator can now be configured.
    • Buddy Kill: The percentual damage team mates receive can now be configured. You can now also configure a retaliation factor, i.e. the player who causes the damage gets hurt too (penalty)
    • Teamkills: XP reward messages were falsely displayed on teamkills. This was fixed.

    02 – FIX: If free team switching is disabled, the “player is requesting a team swap”-message is now displayed as “system message” in the gamelog.

    03 – FEATURE: Teams are now getting auto-balanced during the prematch stage based on Skill Class. This can be disabled by server admins with the “AutoReBalanceTeams=false” launchparameter.

    04 – FIX: If your killer gets killed while you are watching him, your cam switched over to the killer of the killer. This was fixed.

    05 – FIX: Health bars of team mates weren’t correctly displayed on clients. This was fixed.

    06 – CHANGE: Servers with unofficial maps are now ranked. I.e. official matchmaking for full game players can potentially send you to servers with custom maps from now on.

    07 – CHANGE: The “Friends Only” Quick Join option was removed. Please use “Join friends” to join your friends’ games via the Steam-overlay.

    08 – CHANGE: If SC-Restrictions is set to “ON” in the Quick Join menu, it will now be more straight-forward, as it will preferably always let you join on SC restricted server, even if there are no players yet. Turn it OFF to play on servers open to all Skill Classes.

    09 – CHANGE: SC calculations were adjusted to better reflect play performance in all gamemodes… and is now again in testing phase.

    10 – CHANGE: Players now spawn with 125HP to avoid instant rocket-kills after spawning.

    11 – FIX: Ravager wasn’t able to deal teamdamage. This was fixed.

    12 – CHANGE: Flamethrower’s alt fire now deals max 200dmg instead of 250 and its primary fire “projectiles” are now faster (from 1200 to 1600 units).

    13 – FIX: Hidden hint messages in the main menu were occasionally appearing and covering other UI-elements. This was fixed.

    14 – FIX: Scoreboards of all objective based team gamemodes are getting sorted for MXP (column is also highlighted).

    15 – FIX: Blood screen effect was pointing in the wrong direction. This was fixed (…and is now: “Sooooo reeeaaalll!!!”)

    16 – FIX: Timer in info views (lower left) weren’t correctly displayed if gamespeed was changed with Slug Mode / Fast Forward mutators. This was fixed.

    17 – DREDD: Reported & convicted cheaters were banned from official servers.

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