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    TOXIKK 1.0.99 has landed and it’s the last release of the Vanilla build generation, preparing the road for the upcoming “Detroit” generation of builds, starting with build 1.1.

    The Detroit generation will bring many changes, mostly for the Free Edition players and 1.0.99 is paving the way to it, bringing the following changes today:

    01 – Change: Free Edition Players (FEPs) can now vote for the next map in the the post match menu. However, this is limited to the maps that are included in the Free Edition. 1.1 will bring more changes to this system.

    02 – Feature – Everyone can now host ranked dedicated servers (MXP, SC, ELO support).

    03 – Feature – Every newly hosted server will automatically be ranked, if it uses default official maps, gamemodes, mutators. It will no longer be ranked, if it diverts from that.

    04 – Feature – Admins can manually disable the server from being ranked by using the “?Ranked=false” launch parameter.

    05 – Feature – Quickjoin has a new gametype filter system which supports searching for games per game mode.

    06 – Feature – Launching the game with Quickmatch (in the steam launcher) is now using your quickjoin settings

    07 – Feature – Login XP rewards – Every new login to Toxikk will be rewarded with at least 500 MXP per day. Every subsequent login will receive 10 MXP more per day.

    08 – Change – Free Edition players can now directly access QuickJoin and the Tutorial from the main menu.

    09 – Change – Free players CAN’T play Boot Camp and Contract offiline matches anymore (except for the Tutorial mission of course).

    10 – Change – New rotating mainmenu hint messages which also display your item unlocking progress

    11 – Change – Free Edition players are now notified that customization options are not available in the customization menu upon entering the menu. (They were only informed when they tried to apply customizations before)

    12 – Feature – The Scoreboard now displays the active SC setup of the server you’re on (important for players who join “any” server via QuickJoin and didn’t know what kind of SC setup was valid for the server they were playing on).

    13 – Feature – From the pause menu (the menu that opens up when you press ESC during a match), you’ll now be able to directly be able to open the Steam friends invite.

    14 – Change – A bunch of changes were applied to the tutorial, to make it a bit easier for people new to the genre. E.g. the final dodge ramp now has an alternative path, where you can reach the exit via double-jump, the Phantom vehicle has a faster respawn if it gets destroyed…

    15 – Tweaks – Equip and put down times were shortened: All weapons but the Hellraiser now have 0.2s put down time. All weapons but the Hellraiser now have .33s equip time

    16 – Cerberus (rocket launcher) changes: The damage radius was reduced from 190 to 180. Travelspeed was increased from 1800 to 1900

    That’s it for the last patch of the Vanilla generation (which was active since the game’s initial release in last year’s September). The Detroit generation will bring a lot of changes and will be available shortly.


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