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    V1.0.9 brings a bunch of fixes to some nerve killing glitches, as well as some minor changes. Let’s take a look at what we did in detail:

    01 – FIX: In some rare cases, the armor and health packs were still displayed if someone picked it up while it was about to spawn (now REALLY fixed!) … *fingerscrossed*

    02 – FIX: if you have the “next and previous weapon” keys bound to character keys, those letters weren’t available to chat. This was fixed. However, this is still not a good idea for “Fire”, “Alt-Fire”, “Back” (default on ESC key) and “F-Key functions”, as these core functions shouldn’t be disabled while you type. So keep these away from character keys.

    03 – FIX: Continious resorting of spectators in the player list in Arch Rivals game mode. This was fixed.

    04 – CHANGE: ArchRivals server setup now always provides the official ESL setup and lets you switch between max 2 players and max 8 players (next rivals).

    05 – FIX: Players weren’t able to join via steam invite if the server was already filled up with spectators. Note: Steam server browser now displays maxplayer+maxspectators (e.g. 12 instead of 8)

    06 – FIX: Achievement related kills (like e.g. Multi Kills or Killing Sprees) sometimes caused FPS hickups. This was fixed.

    07 – FIX: Some sound effects weren’t played for spectators, like e.g. landing sounds, effects, camera bob etc. This was fixed.

    08 – FEATURE: AllowBorderless now is “Borderless” in the video options. If you are in window’d mode, it will set the window borderless and will force the fullscreen resolution of the current monitor (resolution settings get overwritten).

    09 – FEATURE: You can now toggle borderless with F11 (F11 was toggle Fullscreenmode but fullscreentoggle can still be used with Alt-Enter) note: input settings will be reset because of that.

    10 – FIX: Less mouse lag in window’d mode.

    11 – FIX: Mega Health spawn delay was too short. This was fixed.

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