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    Yay… another patch with fresh features & fixes:

    01 – Borderless window display mode: “Allow borderless window” feature which switches to borderless mode if a fullscreen resolution is used. (thanks to PredatH0r and Chatouille)

    02 – Since the last patch admins weren’t able to use the addbots and killbots commands anymore…fixed

    03 – Spectator got kicked from the server during travel if there were no players left on that server..fixed

    04 – Pickup action netcode fixes: If pickups spawned while someone sits on it, it did not play the pickupsounds…occasionally the item did not disappear (phantom powerups) – This should be fixed

    05 – Main-Menu news feed to keep you updated: We can now stream news messages (upcoming events, hints etc.) to the main menu from an external text file

    06 – people with special characters like “/:?,=# in their Steam nick occasionally had issues joining matches. Those characters are now getting stripped automatically.

    07 – fixed zombie and empty steam player slots which prevent joining/inviting games (should have been fixed last patch already…hopefully now)

    08 – 3 player ArchRivals bug: Happened if a third person joined right in the moment the match begun – Should be fixed now

    09 – If Toxikk was exited while the global chat was still connecting, the Toxikk process was kept alive (could only get killed in the taskmanager). – Fixed

    10 – Server details now display spectators and next rivals (ArchRivals) separately from active players.

    11 – Goal score and time limit wasn’t correctly advertised by the game so it was wrong displayed by external serverbrowsers..fixed

    12 – BuddyKill mutator (friendly fire) was not working…fixed

    13 – if only those videoptions (maxfps, gamma, Fov) were changed, the “apply” button did not appear… Was broken since 1.0.7 … fixed

    14 – New feature: “unfocused audio” option which lets the game keep playing the sound if the game is not focused (default on) – audiooptions are now in a sepperate ini file and reverted (thanks to PredatH0r and Chatouille)

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